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August 5-8, 2021

While it is a high-energy comedy, this show opens conversations about dark issues, including bullying, suicide, and violence in schools. There will be several gunshots & prop guns will be used in the performance. HEATHERS: HIGH SCHOOL EDITION is rated a strong PG-13

Veronica Sawyer: Kieran Dazzo
J.D.:  Ben Larkin
Heather Chandler: Jenna Sterrett
Heather McNamara: Christina Van Geel
Heather Duke: Angela Cirone
Martha Dunnstock: Braden Spear
Ram Sweeney: Jake Nichols
Kurt Kelly: Ethan Spier
Ms. Fleming: Tara Rispin
Coach Ripper/Big Bud Dean: Marsh Brodeur 

Beleaguered Geek/Cop: Jonah Dodd
Hipster Dork: Phoenix Burke
New Wave Girl: Laura Bennett
Young Republicanette/Cheerleader:
Becca Hughey
Cheerleader: Deepti Arun
Stoner Chick/Cop:  Reagan Hukari
Stoner Chick: Julia Nolan

Act One
Beautiful - Company
Candy Store - The Heathers, Cheerleaders
Fight For Me - Veronica and Students
Candy Store Playoff - Cheerleaders
Freeze Your Brain - JD
Big Fun - Ram, Kurt, Veronica, The Heathers and Students
Dead Girl Walking - Veronica and JD
Hello, veronica - Heather Chandler and Students
The Me Inside of Me  - Company
You're Welcome - Kurt, Ram, Veronica
You're Welcome Reprise - Kurt, Ram, Heather Duke, Students
Our Love Is God - Veronica and JD

Act Two
Prom or Hell? - Veronica
Seventeen - Veronica and JD
Shine A Light -  Ms. Fleming and Students
Lifeboat - Heather McNamara
Shine a Light Reprise - Heather Duke, Students
Hey, Yo Westerberg - Heather McNamara and Cheerleaders
Kindergarten Boyfriend - Martha
Yo Girl - Heather Chandler, Ram and Kurt
Meant To Be Yours - JD and Students
Dead Girl Walking Reprise - Veronica, JD and Company
Finale - Company

Director - Sierra Scott
Director - Tara Burke
Music Director - Marshall Jones, Marsh Brodeur
Choreographer - Sierra Scott
Assistant Choreographer - Cassidy Buchan
Costuming - Carol Scott, Deanna Budgell
Props - Carol Scott, Monique Hautekeet, Katie Koerner
Stage Managers - Monique Hautekeet, Katie Koerner
Set Design/Build - Don Burke, Tara Burke, Sierra Scott
Marketing Director/Graphic Design - Tara Burke
Light Design/Operator - Tara Burke
Sound Operator - Don Burke, Roni Ellison

WHP Executive Director - Carol Scott
WHP Executive Producer - Pat Josten


We are thrilled to present the inaugural show of Wild Horse Productions' (WHP) new adult/young adult division, Wild Horse Stage Company. Wild Horse Stage Company is dedicated to producing  innovative theatrical productions that inspire, engage, and entertain the community. The adult division of WHP was originally created and spearheaded by our dad, Jeffrey Scott. His love and passion for theater was evident in his work as both Artistic Director and Technical Director of Wild Horse Theater Company. With the creation of Wild Horse Stage Company, we strive to keep his legacy alive and continue his inspirational work on stage and in the community.

We chose "Heathers, the Musical" to kick-off our season because, while it is a high-energy comedy, this show also opens conversations about issues that young adults are dealing with, including bullying, suicide, and violence in schools. The show does not promote these themes but touches upon them in such a way that opens space for discussion and engagement. We believe that theater is one of the most powerful ways to create dialogue around difficult topics like this for teens and adults. 

In the opening number, Veronica sings "We were kind before, we can be kind once more. We can be beautiful." Especially in this turbulent political and social climate, this line stood out to us as the ultimate message of this show: Kindness. The talented cast of this production understands the responsibility they have in telling this story and spreading this message. It us our sincere hope that you will not only have fun watching this rad 80’s cult classic, but also that you will take this message of hope and kindness out into the world with you.

-Sierra Scott & Tara Burke

“If [young adults] have the chance to tell stories that engage with what is difficult in the world, indeed with what may be wrong in the world, alongside telling stories that bring joy and entertainment into the world, then their work in theater makes them better…people and better citizens, with knowledge, gifts and understanding that will be of value to them whatever they may be in life.” - Howard Sherman, Director of the Arts Integrity Initiative at The New School College of Performing Arts School of Drama


SIERRA SCOTT - Sierra is thrilled to be back in the theater after working in film and television for the past 10 years. She recently relocated back to her hometown of Carson City from Los Angeles where she worked as a Casting Director. She has worked on projects for Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox, Sony, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT and the CW and favorite credits include The 15:17 to Paris and American Sniper with director Clint Eastwood, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Emerald City (NBC). Before moving to LA, Sierra was based in New York City where she worked as a professional actor and member of the Actors’ Equity Association. She has performed across the country in national tours and regional theater productions including Cats, Oklahoma! (1st nat'l tour of revival), Thoroughly Modern Millie, 42nd Street, and White Christmas. She is a member of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and holds a BFA in Theater Arts from the Conservatory at Webster University in Saint Louis.

TARA BURKE - Tara is so excited to be directing Heathers, The Musical with her sister, Sierra. She has a BA in Advertising from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has worked behind the scenes in community theater for over 20 years. Tara started in the spotlight booth at age 12 and worked with her dad, Jeffrey, over the years to learn lighting design and operation. Tara is also the Assistant Producer and Light Operator for Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company and is the owner and graphic designer for Computer Artistry Graphic Design.

Our Original (Pre-Covid) Cast of Heathers

Asset 1.png


The Brewery Arts Center, CCACC, WH Board Members, Darla Bayer, Cari Williams, The Nevada Arts Council, Treasure Mountain Apparel, Data Graphics, Western Nevada Performing Arts Center, Computer Artistry Graphic Design, Carson City Cultural Commission and Carson City Redevelopment.


Thank you to all our volunteers and contributors, all the families of our wonderful cast and crew.


Starbucks Corp. care of Don Burke, The Kassekert Family,

Keith & Pam Maki, Rich & Stephanie Arrigotti, The Clayton Family, Dan McCraw, Preferred Family Medicine, The Moore Family, The Waterman Family, Lumos and Associates.

board members

Sierra Scott

Belina Holub

AJ Ellison

Michelle Van Geel

Joanna Wilson

Shanna Krueger

Rachel Bennett

Cathy Mercer

special thank you

A special thank you to all our donors and our many Kyra & Norma Conway Scholarship Fund supporters for their generous donations to Wild Horse Productions. You are helping to bring the beauty and magic of live theater to the children of our community. 

"This event is funded in part by a grant from the Carson City Cultural Commission.”

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