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  • 2017: Freddie G Excellent Individual Performance by a Female Award

  • 2018: Freddie G Award for Excellence in Ensemble Work

  • 2019: Freddie G Award for Excellence in Music   

  • 2020: Freddie G Award for Excellence in Music

  • 2021: COVID Virtual JTF Only, No Awards

  • 2022: Freddie G Award for Excellence in Dance

  • 2023: Freddie G Award for Excellence in Music

  • 2023: Freddie G Outstanding Individual Performance Award

  • 2023: Freddie G Fellowship 2023: Carol Scott, Executive Director 

  • 2024: Freddie G. Inspirational Award: Zoe Ward and family 

  • 2024: Freddie G. Award for Excellence in Dance

Spirit of Wild Horse


The “Spirit of Wild Horse Theater” Award is presented to applaud a cast or crew member who exemplifies the true spirit of WHCT. These individuals bring their positive attitude, commitment, teamwork, love, and of course, “spirit” to Wild Horse Children’s Theater. This person would have excellent attendance at all rehearsals, accepted any and all roles given to them with grace, works hard without complaint, and leads by example in rehearsals and in all aspects of the production in which they are involved.  


Spirit of Wild Horse Recipients:

(In order of award year)

Hannah Anthony

Trevor Young

Jack Hollingshead

Meagan McKean

Isa Basche

Alexis Schreiber

Payton Henderson

Morgan Swafford

Maddie Jordon

Sabrina Krueger

Max Worden

Kaitlyn Lucky

Trenton Lynn

Darby Beckwith

Henry Wilson

Cassia Gustria

Roni Ellison

Tony Gurrieri

Laura Bennett

Christina Van Geel

Robert Heidt

Cassidy Buchan

Phoenix Burke

Kendall McDonald

Chastity Ward

Adalee Johnson

“FINDING YOUR LIGHT" - Jeffrey Scott Technical Award​

Jeffrey Scott was a founding member and Technical Director of Wild Horse Children’s Theater and instrumental in bringing the “magic” to our productions. Jeffrey’s love and passion for theater were evident in his work and he inspired and served as a mentor to many of our backstage crew who had the opportunity to know and work with him. 


We honor Jeffrey’s memory with the “Finding Your Light” award to applaud a crew member who has made an outstanding contribution and effort to production by demonstrating a positive attitude, teamwork, professionalism, enthusiasm, hard work, and commitment to excellence behind-the-scenes.


"Finding Your Light" Award Recipients:

(In order of award year)


Meagan McKean

Hunter Burke

Robin Kato-Brong

Ethan Johnston

Ben Larkin

Katie Koerner

Elle Vaughn

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